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FS Global Real Weather

The ultimate Weather Engine for FSX, Prepar3D and XPlane giving you the best real weather experience in your simulator. Features include real upper and lower air winds, cloud types, clear air turbulence, icing, historic weather, weather reporting and flight planning and compatibility with ATC and AI Traffic.
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FS Global Real Weather
FS9/FSX/P3Dv1/P3Dv2/P3Dv3/XP - Download (32bit)
29,99 EUR
FS Global Real Weather
P3Dv4/XP - Download (64bit)
39,99 EUR


We like to remind you, that FSGRW is a live system based on data communication and IT. As with every such system, there may be technical or communicative difficulties, which prevent the system from working as desired. This means, there may and there will be times when no current weather is available. We are monitoring the system closely and try to keep possible down times as short as possible.

Virus alert

Some virus scanners (AVAST!) may identify our files as virus. This is a so called "false positive". We have notified AVAST, but it takes time for them to implement it. If you have no executable file present in your FSGRW installation directory, go to AVAST virus container and move it back as well as whitelist it (add to exception list).


APRIL 11th 2019:
V 1.7 Build 406 (64bit) for Prepar3D V4.x, X-Plane 11 was released!

APRIL 11th 2019:
NETWORK BRIDGE Build 406 (64bit) for Prepar3D V4.x was released!

MARCH 6th 2019:
V 1.7 Build 046 (32bit) for FS9, FSX, P3Dv1, P3Dv2, P3Dv3, X-Plane 10 was released!

JUNE 29th 2017:
NETWORK BRIDGE Build 042 was released!

IMPORTANT! If you run FSGRW from a network, MAKE SURE you also download the new version of the network bridge!

FS Global Real Weather is a fast loading, easy to use, weather engine for Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Flight Simulator 2004, ESP, Lockheed Martins Prepar3D V1.4 & V2.1x & V3.x &V4.x and X-Plane from 10.41.

FS Global Real Weather not only delivers weather data calculated out of realtime data of more than 24.000 observation stations (land- and seabased) worldwide. It also calculates air masses and temperatues for upper airlevels on a scientific base, which is absolutely necessary for correct flight planning using real world tools. As a first in history of FS weather tools it supports local weather phaenomena (e.g. Foehn weather at Innsbruck; LOWI). It is available as a download and sometimes later as a boxed version.

P3Dv4/XP Edition (64bit)

Version 1.7 Build #406 was released on April 11th 2019 and comes with the following changes:
      .) Now works with Prepa3D 4.5.
      .) Please also update Networkbridge, if you use it!

FS9/FSX/P3Dv1/P3Dv2/P3Dv3/XP Edition (32bit)

Version 1.7 Build #046 was released on March 6th 2019 and comes with the following changes:
      .) A bug which prevented correct weather download was fixed.

We work on updates containing, among others, the following features:
      .) Api for weather radar.
      -) New interface and server structure from V1.8.
      -) Further improvement at weather transfer

Get the latest updates, see stunning screenshots and watch developer videos presenting upcoming features.

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