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FS Global Ultimate - Next Generation FTX DVD

The successor of FS Global Ultimate. More, better and newer data - less size; frameratefriendly; new tile structure; with bathymetry mesh for Prepar3D; and more ...
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Installation error on spanish language Operating Systems

When you receive a .net Framework Error on starting setup, cancel this setup and do the following:

Press [WIN-KEY]+R
Type X:\pilots.setup.exe language=en
(Where X is the letter of your optical drive you placed your DVD1 in.)
Click OK.
Setup should start in english language.
Accept the online update of the installer, which then should continue correctly in spanish language.

We regret any inconvenience caused.

Where is my package? It has not arrived yet!

This is the most asked question we receive. We can understand that you are eager to get your merchandise and start using it. In fact, we like that! However, we ask you to use a bit common sense. Asking this question about 24h after order is a waste of time. Yours and ours. In fact, answering it may prevent us from sending your package out right now! If you are within Europe, please do not ask before the 8th working day AFTER you have received your shipping confirmation. If you are elsewhere, please allow 20 working days to pass before you ask. And no, saturdays, sundays and Austrian bank holidays are NO working days (though we do work of course and get your orders ready, but Post is closed).

It also is very interesting, that mostly this question is asked by people, who disabled the shipping option FASTTRACK during checkout. They have actively prevented the order from being shipped out fast and being airmailed. Disabling FASTTRACK means, these orders will be sent out once a week as bulkmail landbased NONPRIORITY. These may take a while to arrive. Actually considerably longer than the time frames mentioned above!

Do I need to unistall a previous version of FS Global Mesh?

You should, as it does not make sense to have two worldwide mesh sceneries loading during SIM startup. You do not have to delete it, but you should disable it.

Start your SIM and access scenery library. Delete or disable all scenery layers of previous FS Global Mesh versions. The layers should be found some way down the line just above Base Scenery 1107 layer. If you have done that, end your SIM and delete (if you wish to) the folder of the previous FS Global Mesh scenery on your harddrive. Then install FS Global Ultimate - Next Generation and all should be well.

Where is my Serial Key?

On a sticker in the DVD Box. If you do not see it, take out all DVDs and you will!

More are being collected ...
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