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FS Global Ultimate - NG 2020 DOWNLOAD

Newest development for Prepar3D V4.x and V5. Better and newer data - better compression. New Base Mesh for correct mountain shapes in the distance. New tile structure for faster loading. New bathymetry mesh and more ...
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FS Global Ultimate - NG 2020 DOWNLOAD
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69,00 EUR

We are now in the Release Candidate phase of AFM 2. For those who want to participate, you will find the installer at MY DOWNLOADS (FS Global Ultimate NG 2020). You will need to be logged into your account and the Serial Number of your FS Global Ultimate NG 2020 needs to be registered. Only then the download will show up.

AFM2 is very straightforward and self explanatory. Just READ THE DOC FIRST and then run the exe and you are fine.

Take note:

1) This is a Release Candidate. There should be no errors. If there are, please report those errors to the email at the end of the documentation. That is the only way to let us know and to fix them! Thank you!

2) AFM2 will take care of Vector AEC airports. Meaning: It will detect Vector installed and also, if you have enabled or disabled a possible AEC fo the very airport you want to install an AFM for. This also means, IF you newly enable or disable an AEC via your Vector Configurator for which you already have installed an AFM for, you MUST deinstall the AFM and install it again to switch to the other version.

3) AFM2 works for FSX, FSX:SE, P3D v1.4, 2.5, 3.4, 4.x, 5.0 and DT FSW. We anticipate, it will work for all upcoming P3D updates. But one never knows ...

Take care!
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