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Boeing B-314 - The Clipper MSFS

Finally The Clipper is flying again! State-of-the-art-rendering of this fine historic aircraft. Only 12 have been built, fly one of them!
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Boeing B-314 - The Clipper MSFS
Boeing B-314 - The Clipper (MSFS; Download)
29.95 EUR

For support please visit our dedicated Boeing B-314 - The Clipper Forum at AVSIM!

Known issues beyond our control:

1) Water spray building up

If you experience an issue like this, please either turn off the Mooring Light Switch at the FE panel or turn off all engines. This is an issue caused by the simulator, which is not able to correctly handle modelling of surface water physics and thus can not (yet?) correctly render water spray around the immediate proximity of a stationary aircraft on water. We do advise in the manual to not use the mooring function when engines are running due to this (the sims) deficiency beyond our control.

2) Fuel switches not set correctly

You may notice that the fuel selector switches all remain in the OFF position when you load the aircraft with engines running. This is a known issue with the simulator and ASOBO has been notified. We have no idea if and when this issue with LVars might be fixed. Our model already contains correct settings. Once the issue has been fixed by ASOBO, no patch will be needed. The switches then should automatically load in the correct position.

You are encouraged to manually turn the switches into the correct position according to the picture below, which also can be found at the aft bulkhead near the FE station.

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