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FS Global Ultimate - Next Generation FTX DVD

The successor of FS Global Ultimate. More, better and newer data - less size; frameratefriendly; new tile structure; with bathymetry mesh for Prepar3D; and more ...
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FEBRUARY 22nd 2019:
The last box on stock has been sold. So the boxed version has been taken off the shop. Stand by for a new production run. The download of course ist still available at simMarket.

MAY 29th 2017:
New installer for Dovetail FSW and Prepar3D V4 released at no cost via the installer update feature. Just run the normal setup from the DVD and let it update itself when asked.

APRIL 15th 2017:
New videos in video section!

DECEMBER 19th 2016:
Updated installer. Please allow your installer to update itself when asked.
Improvements: new languages (french/spanish), slightly reworked to overcome drive mounting issues on some hardware.


What is the difference in you SIM?

FS Global mesh series started after Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 arrived with a mesh that was based on raw SRTM data with very poor void filling. It looked detailed in many places, but in Switzerland, for example, the most prominent and well known mountains did not exist. The famous Matterhorn was basically just a hole in the ground. This has not changed for 16 years now, even the default scenery in Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v3.4 has the same poor default scenery, with large mountains missing and airports at completely wrong elevation.

With FS Global installed, you will immediately see a difference where the default mesh is completely wrong. You will see many more detailed mountains and ridges which will make it a lot easier to recognize structures and patterns when comparing with our real Earth. When you look at flat land, Florida for example, the differences will be less signficant of course - but even here FS Global will give you more details when you are close to the ground. In general, the Prepar3D default scenery is good in the United States and poor in the rest of the world, worst in Africa and South America. But even for the U.S. FS Global will bring you much more details, our favourite „showcase projects“ are the volcanoes along the Cascade Range: Mount Shasta, Mount Hood, Mount St. Helens and Mount Rainier.

FS Global will not change the color or texture on the ground however, or modify or add airports, you need another scenery layer for that.

Version 1.0 has been released on December 9th 2016 as DeLuxe DVD box set containing 9 doublelayer DVDs. We also offer a Download version via The FlightsimStore. Please note the amount of data (80GB). Downloads of that size are not trivial!


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