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FS Global Real Weather

The ultimate Weather Engine for FSX, Prepar3D and XPlane giving you the best real weather experience in your simulator. Features include real upper and lower air winds, cloud types, clear air turbulence, icing, historic weather, weather reporting and flight planning and compatibility with ATC and AI Traffic.
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FS Global Real Weather
FS9/FSX/P3Dv1/P3Dv2/P3Dv3/XP10 - Download
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FS Global Real Weather
Prepar3D v4 - Download
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FS Global Real Weather
Prepar3D v5 - Download
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FS Global Real Weather
X-Plane 11 - Download
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FS Global Real Weather was designed to provide the most realistic weather in flight simulators on a global scale. On top of this, our weather data now includes real world local weather effects that apply to certain airports or regions. All of these effects are hand-crafted and precisely designed to fit the specific meteorological and topographical situation of the area they apply to.

Note: All of these effects will only be simulated when the weather conditions would also lead to the same effects in reality (i.e. on some airports you will experience turbulence only when there's a certain wind strength and direction etc.). Most of these effects are described in approach charts of the specific airport, however, we have included a short description of when to anticipate them.

The following list contains all local weather effects for airports implemented so far. If you have suggestions for additional effects, please drop us a mail to fsgrw@fly2pilots.com.

ICAO Name Description Since Min. Client
EDDS Stuttgart, Germany You may notice turbulent air just above a power plant cooling tower (located approx. 6 nm from runway 25) in certain weather conditions. 2013-05-25 1.7 Build #001
EGAC Belfast City, United Kingdom Pilots should anticipate windshear on approach to runway 22 and departure from runway 04 when the surface wind direction is between 100° and 160° and wind speed is 15 knots or higher. Due to strong wind conditions, turbulence may be expected on approach or climb out from either runway. 2013-08-23 1.7 Build #001
EGBE Coventry, United Kingdom Turbulence may occur on final approach to runway 23 during strong south westerly winds. 2013-08-23 1.7 Build #001
EGCC Manchester, United Kingdom You may encounter medium to severe turbulence and wind shear when approaching runway 23R with strong winds from the north-west. 2013-08-23 1.7 Build #001
EGFF Cardiff, United Kingdom Pilots are warned when landing on runway 30 in strong west to south-westerly winds of the possibility of terrain induced turbulence on short final. During strong north-westerly to north-easterly winds possibility of turbulence caused by hangar Northeast on runway 12 threshold. 2013-08-23 1.7 Build #001
EGHI Southampton, United Kingdom Terrain induced turbulence is possible on approach to runway 02, within 2 nm from touchdown, particularly when strong easterly winds occur. Buildings induced turbulence is possible on approach to runway 20, within 2 nm from touchdown, when strong surface winds occur. 2013-08-23 1.7 Build #001
EGHQ Nequay, United Kingdom Possibility of terrain induced turbulence and wind shear effects when landing on runways 12 and 30. 2013-09-09 1.7 Build #001
EGJJ Jersey, United Kingdom Turbulence and variable wind conditions on approach & landing runway 09. 2013-09-09 1.7 Build #001
EGKK London Gatwick, United Kingdom Strong southerly / south-westerly winds can cause building induced turbulence and windshear effects when landing on runway 26L/R. 2013-09-09 1.7 Build #001
EGLL London Heathrow, United Kingdom Building-induced turbulence and large windshear effects likely when landing on runway 27R in strong south / south-westerly winds. 2013-09-09 1.7 Build #001
EGMH Manston, United Kingdom Caution when landing on runway 28 when surface wind is northwesterly or southerly: turbulence may be encountered on short final. 2013-09-09 1.7 Build #001
EGNS Isle of Man, United Kingdom In Preparation In Preparation 1.7 Build #001
EGNT Newcastle, United Kingdom In Preparation In Preparation 1.7 Build #001
EGNX East Midlands, United Kingdom In Preparation In Preparation 1.7 Build #001
EGPB Sumburgh, United Kingdom In Preparation In Preparation 1.7 Build #001
EGPE Inveness, United Kingdom In Preparation In Preparation 1.7 Build #001
EGSH Norwich, United Kingdom In Preparation In Preparation 1.7 Build #001
EGTE Exeter, United Kingdom In Preparation In Preparation 1.7 Build #001
EKVG Vagar, Faroer Islands Experience medium to strong turbulence when approaching both runways and strong wind coming from north-east or south-west. 2013-05-19 1.7 Build #001
ENVY Værøy, Norway In Preparation In Preparation 1.7 Build #001
KDEN Denver, United States There will be medium to strong turbulence up to a high altitude, when the wind blows over the Rocky Mountains. This applies to the whole Denver area (including KDEN and other airports in that area). 2013-07-21 1.7 Build #001
LDDU Dubrovnik, Croatia Be aware of strong turbulence and wind-shear when in final approach to runway 12 with north-easterly winds. 2013-05-25 1.7 Build #001
LEBB Bilbao, Spain Severe turbulence may be experienced when the wind is blowing over the mountains south of the airport. 2013-05-29 1.7 Build #001
LICJ Palermo, Italy In Preparation In Preparation 1.7 Build #001
LOWI Innsbruck, Austria Notice medium to strong changes in wind speed and direction during foehn conditions in the Inntal and surrounding valleys. 2013-05-19 1.7 Build #001
LPMA Madeira, Portugal You will notice medium to strong turbulence as you get closer to the mountains when approaching both runway 05 and 23, especially with wind directions from north-west and north-east.

An unknown pilot has mastered the approach and posted a video of it. We do not want to keep that from you!

2013-05-19 1.7 Build #001
LXGB Gibraltar, United Kingdom Experience strong turbulence in the final approach areas when approaching runway 09 and 27 with wind directions from south-east to south-west. Note, that there might be wind shear just before touchdown, especially on runway 09. 2013-05-19 1.7 Build #001
VHHH Hong Kong, China Windshear and sudden wind shifts may occur when departing or approaching VHHH, especially when the wind blows from the south or south-east (over the hills). Light turbulence and wind shear might also occur if the wind blows over the northern hills (wind from north to north-east). 2013-07-21 1.7 Build #001
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