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FS Global Real Weather

The ultimate Weather Engine for FSX, Prepar3D and XPlane giving you the best real weather experience in your simulator. Features include real upper and lower air winds, cloud types, clear air turbulence, icing, historic weather, weather reporting and flight planning and compatibility with ATC and AI Traffic.
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FS Global Real Weather
FS9/FSX/P3Dv1/P3Dv2/P3Dv3/XP10 - Download
Normal Price EUR 39,99, now just
34.99 EUR
FS Global Real Weather
Prepar3D v4 - Download
Normal Price EUR 39,99, now just
34.99 EUR
FS Global Real Weather
Prepar3D v5 - Download
Normal Price EUR 39,99, now just
34.99 EUR
FS Global Real Weather
X-Plane 11 - Download
Normal Price EUR 39,99, now just
34.99 EUR
FS Global Real Weather
Prepar3D v6 - Download
Normal Price EUR 39,99, now just
34.99 EUR

If you need support, make sure you have read the manual first. Then check FAQ below. If you still need help, please visit our support forum here.

1. I have not received my serialkey. What the hack is going on?
Once you have completed your order within FS Global Real Weather or on our website, you will see a confirmation page. If you see this page, we have received your order AND we have just sent a confirmation e-mail to the given email address, which you should receive within the next few minutes.
If you have paid using PAYPAL, you should receive your serialkey automatically within a few minutes after your purchase was completed at the paypal website. If you have paid using a creditcard, you will receive your serialkey manually, AFTER we have successfully booked your creditcard. We do that manually once a day at minimum. So the key should arrive within 24 hours. If you have paid using bank transfer, you will receive your serialkey manually, AFTER we have received your funds in our account.
Important: If you do not receive these e-mails mentione above, please also check your SPAM folder!
Depending on your provider you may need to access your webmail in order to be able to access the correct SPAM folder.
The following providers are known for sometimes putting our emails into their SPAM folders - rarely they even reject our mails:


This is not a complete list. It is recommended to also whitelist our domain fly2pilots.com in your email program/webmail to always receive our mails. Ask your email provider for how to do that, if you are not sure.

It is important to understand, that email is NOT a 100% error free form of communication. We ALWAYS send out all emails. If we are hit by a system failure, we may send them a bit later, but we ALWAYS send them. If you do not receive them, it is something in between. In that case, please contact us at our support forum and we will try to get you going asap.

2. Can I use third-party cloud and sky textures with FS Global Real Weather?
Absolutely! FS Global Real Weather is compatible with all known texture sets, both freeware and payware. No special configuraton is needed; FS Global Real Weather does not change anything in FSX / P3D textures - once they're installed you can fire up FS Global Real Weather and enjoy the most realistic weather data displayed with your favorite textures.

3. I'm getting a SimConnect error message when trying to transfer the weather to my simulator or testing Network Bridge.
If you get an error message telling you that the file Microsoft.FlightSimulator.SimConnect.dll couldn't be found (or something similiar), then you most likely do not have the most current version of SimConnect installed. Please download the required installer here, run the contained MSI file and restart FS Global Real Weather. The weather transfer should now work as expected.

4. Where should I enter the command line parameters to start FSGRW automatically?
Locate and mark the icon of FSGRW on your desktop, right click it, go to PROPERTIES and SHORTCUT. Find the line TARGET. At the end if this line (just leave one empty space after the last sign) add the parameters you wish.

e.g. dynamic fsx 5 y n

The complete line may look something like this "C:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D\PILOTS_Software\RealWeather V2\FS Global Real Weather.exe" dynamic fsx 5 y n

Save the amendments. From then FSGRW will start using the added parameters every time you click the icon. You may wish to copy/paste the icon prior to any amendment to have a second one, which runs FSGRW without any parameters.

5. The METAR says CAVOK, but FS Global Real Weather depicts clouds - what's wrong with this?
Nothing! CAVOK does not mean that there are necessarily clear skies (there are other METAR codes for this). CAVOK means that the weather at the reporting stations fulfills certain conditions, such as a visibility of 10 km or more, now clouds below 5.000 ft or - if higher - the maximum MSA (minimum sector altitude), no significant weather phenomena (precipitation, fog etc) and no thunderstorm clouds. FS Global Real Weather also gets sky coverage data from other sources than METAR and will depict them, if they do not violate CAVOK conditions. You can read more about CAVOK and other METAR codes in the corresponding wikipedia article for METAR.

6. FSX or Prepar3D 1.4 crash unexpectedly
If your FSX or Prepar3D 1.4 crash unexpectedly in Windows 8, this file might help. Unzip it into your FSX or Prepar3D root directory. It should not overwrite a file with the same name. If it does, you probably already have this general fix and the current crash is otherwise related.

7. No clouds and just one VIS layer after update from build 003
This happens when you use FSGRW with the obsolete Fsuipc Bridge instead of the new Network Bridge. Please delete Fsuipc Bridge from your PC, load FSGRW Network Bridge from the Download section of this webseite and use that one instead. Check manual for details!

8. No weather transferred to Simulator or/and message "Can not connect to your Flight Simulator"
This can have several reasons:
  a) Are you sure (and I mean REALLY sure!), you selected the correct Simulator before you clicked "Start Weather Transfer"?
  b) When you run in a newtwork, are fsuipc / wideFS or FSGRW Network Bridge correctly configured? Do they run?
  c) If you use the Autostart function, have you entered the correct Simulator in the commandline?
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